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The Rise of the Millennials


The financial industry and the products it supplies have always evolved to meet market challenges and opportunities. Today is no different. One of the key factors that will drive the industry over the coming years is the rise in prominence of the so-called Millennials (also known as Gen Y). This is the generation born between the early 1980s and 2000. The expectations and values of this tech-savvy group differ from those that have gone before them, most notably when it comes to social, economic and environmental issues.

The investment management and pension industries must adapt to capture this next generation of investors. This will include creating products that reflect the Millennial’s attitudes and beliefs, as well as reappraising the nature of investments and how returns are generated. The role technology plays – and the democratisation of information - will also be of prime importance. The rise of the Millennials will also have far-reaching implication for the wider corporate world. We are already seeing the wide-scale disruption of traditional business models.

In our latest paper, we will seek to explore the potential impact the Millennials will have on traditional financial management, as well as the many opportunities they create for the industry, including impact investing. We will also look at the wider implications the preferences of this generation will have for the economy, the business community and society as a whole.


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