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Real estate

A compelling choice

Commercial real estate can offer investors a regular income, with the potential for capital growth over the long term. Real estate can also provide valuable diversification benefits, as a distinct asset class from equities and bonds. Together, these benefits can make commercial real estate an attractive addition to investors' portfolios.

Turning our experience to your advantage

If you're considering a real estate investment, you will want to know that your investment is in capable hands. Real estate investment requires expertise and shrewd judgment – exactly the combination we can provide.

As one of Europe’s largest real estate investors, we employ specialist real estate professionals covering all aspects of real estate investment including acquisitions, development, building services engineering, asset management, research and marketing. Our capabilities are reflected in our long-term track record.

We can offer investors a distinctive range of real estate investment opportunities. From UK to global markets, and from direct to listed real estate, we have funds to help clients achieve their goals.

At a glance – our real estate credentials

  • With real estate assets worth £16.3 billion*, we are one of the largest real estate investors in Europe.
  • Our real estate team follows a robust and repeatable investment process which is driven by a disciplined research approach.
  • Our real estate expertise spans key markets across the globe, including offices in Edinburgh, London, Paris, Boston and Hong Kong.
  • We have a real estate team of more than 120 people, which manages real estate portfolios spanning pooled pension products, segregated mandates, mutual funds, sector specialist funds and global real estate funds.
  • With a history spanning nearly 200 years, we are one of the largest institutional investors in the UK commercial real estate market.
  • As well as direct real estate assets, we manage a significant portfolio of listed real estate securities.

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Real Estate

*As at 31/12/2017