Standard Life Investments

Our fixed income credentials

Standard Life Investments offers fixed income capabilities across a wide range of sub-sectors and geographies. Our commitment to the asset class is underlined by the extensive range of fixed income strategies we have developed to meet the needs of both existing and new clients.

  • Investment grade corporate bonds – clients can benefit from our credit expertise across the major global corporate bond markets.
  • High yield corporate bonds – for those clients seeking a higher yield credit, we offer a range of global high yield solutions.
  • Government bonds – our capabilities extend across the world’s government bond markets and cover a broad range of strategies.
  • Emerging market debt – we have a dedicated and experienced emerging markets team, enabling investors to access divergent economic fundamentals between emerging and developed markets.
  • Inflation-linked bonds – includes a range of regional and global inflation-linked bond strategies for investors with concerns over the future path of inflation.
  • Absolute return bond strategies – these seek to provide positive performance in all market conditions, while also helping to carefully control investment risks.

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