Standard Life Investments

Press Release

Standard Life Investments’ Canadian Real Estate Fund reaches $1 billion dollar milestone

25  July  2012

Standard Life Investments, the global fund manager and one of the largest real estate investors in Europe, has announced that the Standard Life Real Estate Fund now has over CD$1 billion in assets under management in Canada.

The Canadian portfolio comprises 101 properties, including a number of high-profile buildings in the retail, office and industrial sectors with a wide range of anchor tenants. Backed by significant capital commitments, Standard Life Investments anticipates continuing investment in major Canadian real estate markets over the balance of 2012.

Commenting on the achievement, Mike Hannigan, Head of International Real Estate, Standard Life Investments, said:

“The Canadian fund’s milestone is representative of the growing importance of real estate as a source of income and as a hedge against inflation for Canadian pension fund investors.

“Canada is increasingly perceived as a safe haven for international real estate investors. Growing beyond the CD$1 billion mark enables Standard Life Investments to seek out a greater spectrum of investment opportunities for both domestic and international clients looking for exposure to this dynamic and competitive market.”

Since inception, the Fund has earned an annualised return of 9.4%, and has only ever had one negative annual return in its 29-year history. Due to its limited use of debt and the fact that it seeks investment returns primarily through income, the Fund has experienced very low volatility of returns for its pension fund clients.

To mark this milestone Standard Life Investments has issued a White Paper “The World Needs Canada – Why Canadian Real Estate is a Compelling Investment Opportunity”. The paper highlights that at a time when the economic health of much of the world looks far from robust, Canada is benefitting from its well-earned reputation for fiscal restraint and economic stability. This bodes well for its real estate market, which is supported by a favourable combination of generally low vacancy rates, limited supply and historically low interest rates.