Standard Life Investments

Press Release

Short Duration Global Index Linked Bond Fund

16  September  2014

Standard Life Investments, the global investment manager, today (Tuesday 16 September 2014) announced the launch of a Short Duration Global Index-Linked Bond Fund to complement its existing Global Index-Linked Bond Fund.

The Fund aims to generate real returns for investors by investing principally in a global portfolio of short duration bonds. It can also invest in nominal government bonds, corporate bonds and derivative instruments. Non Sterling denominated assets will typically be hedged back to Sterling.

Managed jointly by Jonathan Gibbs, Head of Real Returns and Adam Skerry, Investment Director, Real Returns, the Fund will allow investors to benefit from our proven long term track record in managing global inflation linked portfolios, but with materially lower duration risk.

Jonathan Gibbs, Head of Real Returns, Standard Life Investments, said;

Jonathan Gibbs

"Global inflation portfolios have provided attractive returns and strong diversification qualities for many years. This new offering allows investors to access this diversification, and the global opportunity set, with a lower exposure to duration risk. It will use the same toolkit as our existing products, and broadens the choice available for our investors."

Standard Life Investments' dedicated and experienced Real Returns Team is part of a 60-strong fixed income team which manages over £64bn in global fixed income products - with global expertise spanning government bonds, investment grade and high yield credit, inflation linked bonds and emerging market debt. Led by Jonathan Gibbs, the Real Returns Team manages a wide array of inflation strategies and has run global mandates since 2004.