Standard Life Investments

Press Release

Delivering Improved Value for MyFolio Customers

09  October  2017

Following its most recent review of the award-winning MyFolio range of OEIC funds, Standard Life Investments is pleased to announce that from 1st November 2017 it will reduce the Annual Management Charge (AMC) on a number of its share classes. New and existing investors in the MyFolio Market range will see a reduction in AMC between 0.150% and 0.325% depending on the share class they are invested in. In addition, investors in the MyFolio Managed and Multi-Manager funds will see a reduction of 0.175% if purchased through third party platforms in the UK.

Iain McLeod, MyFolio Investment Specialist, Aberdeen Standard Investments, said;

Iain Mcleod

"We regularly review our funds in order to ensure that we are always acting in the best interests of our investors. As a result of our latest review, we concluded that an adjustment should be made to the pricing structure of our MyFolio range of funds. This change further enhances our market-leading proposition for investors in the risk-based fund of funds market.

“Through MyFolio, we aim to strike the balance between the risk an investor is willing to take and the potential rewards they receive in return. Since its launch in September 2010, investors have enjoyed returns which have been, without exception, in line with their chosen level of risk. This consistently strong performance over the last seven years has made MyFolio an enormously successful solution in the post RDR era and we thank advisers and investors alike for their continued support.”