Standard Life Investments

Press Release

UK Ethical Fund - Outperforming for 20 Years

10  October  2018

Aberdeen Standard Investments has marked the 20th anniversary of the Standard Life Investments UK Ethical Fund. Managed by Lesley Duncan, the fund has outperformed the IA UK All Companies sector return over 1, 3, 5, 7, 10 and 20 years*. Since launch it has returned 302% against the IA UK All Companies sector return of 234%*.

Lesley Duncan, deputy head of UK Equities at Aberdeen Standard Investments and manager of the UK Ethical Fund, said;

Lesley Duncan

"It’s hugely motivating to be able to demonstrate so forcefully through the performance of this fund that investors can choose to invest in line with their ethical beliefs – without sacrificing returns on their investment.

"I have managed this fund since 2004 and during my tenure, one of the greatest shifts in industry norms for ethical funds, has been the move from screening stocks not only negatively but also, and primarily, positively. That’s to say excluding companies which are involved in potentially harmful practices (tobacco, weapons, animal testing) whilst seeking to invest in those business activities that are regarded as making a positive contribution to society such as the environment, human rights, employment and anti-bribery.

"We act upon the results of an in-depth annual survey of our ethical investors, which determines the issues they consider to be key, to ensure that the composition of our ethical fund range remains consistent with their views. More recently, there are signs that although the environment remains a primary concern, demand that forest commodities come from a sustainable source and that intensive farming is limited, is increasingly evident. Likewise, concerns about predatory financial lending are also on the rise.

"Going forward, I feel confident that this fund will continue to reward investors generously over the long term and thank advisers and investors for their continued support."

*Source: FE Analytics; cumulative performance over various time periods to 20th September 2018; quartile ranking v IA UK All Companies; TR; GBP