Standard Life Investments

Your development

Bringing out the best

Everything we do is designed to capitalise on our people’s individual talents. It’s fair to say that this kind of unswerving support across the company will take you from strength to strength. We welcome the range of skills and talents that you bring and we do all we can to provide the training, support and opportunity for you to excel.

If you think about it, this approach makes solid commercial sense. A well-informed and engaged workforce helps us maintain a leading edge in a competitive marketplace, as well as allowing you to fulfil your personal career goals.

Learning and development

Once you’ve joined us, we want you to stay with us for the long term. This is where our distinctive approach to people management comes in. We don’t use 'off-the-shelf' tools to develop our people - instead we have our own performance management system that’s tailored to identify and grow your unique talents.

Working with us means you’re part of a learning culture designed to maximise your potential at every turn. We’re committed to giving you all the learning and development support you need to:

  • achieve your individual and team objectives, ultimately contributing to the achievement of our overall business goals
  • develop personally and further your career with us (for example, through achieving appropriate qualifications, participating in secondments and other work experience initiatives, or moving into more challenging roles)
  • understand your regulatory responsibilities as determined by our regulator, the Financial Conduct Authority – this includes responsibilities in relation to Training & Competence (T&C).