Standard Life Investments

Living in Edinburgh

Take the ultimate city break

Working at our Edinburgh head office means you’ll be part of a vibrant and cosmopolitan atmosphere at the heart of one of Europe’s major financial centres. Scotland’s capital city boasts a rich and long-standing tradition of investment management, and is also home to many of the world’s major international companies. It has all the energy, atmosphere, opportunity and reward that London offers, but with a more satisfying and balanced lifestyle.

A compelling combination

Edinburgh’s a city of major historical and cultural importance, and presents the perfect blend of old and new. Lively restaurants and bars line the cobbled streets, striking modern buildings sit alongside vast areas of green space and the centre of the city, with all its bustle and activity, is dominated by Edinburgh’s imposing castle. The city is also studded with golf courses, sports stadiums, theatres and cinemas, guaranteed to meet all your social needs.