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Gallup interview

Gallup interview

Gallup looks at success and tries to understand what makes it happen. Finding the “right fit” by matching candidates with roles in which their strengths can be maximized is important to our organization. This approach not only is good for our business but it provides individuals with the greatest opportunities for professional growth and personal satisfaction. That is why we partner with Gallup, a worldwide leader in strengths-based selection.

What is it ?

The Gallup Organisation has been helping us select talented employees for a number of years. Founded by Don Clifton, a psychology graduate, the organisation uses interview techniques to highlight qualities that make people succeed in particular jobs or occupations. Rather than focusing on what’s wrong with people, Gallup looks at success, and tries to understand what makes it happen. They’ve found that successful people talk and think differently from average or low performers.

Everyone has consistent, recurring patterns of thoughts, feelings and behaviour. Gallup calls these patterns ‘life themes’. In the Gallup interview, we’ll try to draw these out of you and weigh them against key competencies needed in the role you’re interested in. Every role in the company has an interview tailored to it and has been thoroughly researched and piloted.

What to expect

The interview may be completed online or carried out over the phone, depending on the role for which you have applied. Your responses are of course completely confidential.

You should try and answer the questions spontaneously, as they're designed to provoke top-of-the-head responses. Although some of them may not seem relevant, every one is significant in identifying your key characteristics.

There's no need to prepare in advance, but thinking about your previous experience will help. Try to relax. This type of interview doesn't restrict your answers, and you can be as open and honest as you like.