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Criterion-based interview

What is it?

Every potential employee takes part in a criterion-based interview. It assesses a combination of your skills, knowledge, behaviour and personal qualities.

What will we ask you?

We’ll ask you a series of structured questions that relate to job you’re applying for. Each question looks for specific examples of how you’ve behaved in different situations. This information is gathered and weighed against each 'criterion' relevant to the role.

Why interview in this way?

The questions we ask you are directly related to the skills you’ll need to meet the role’s criteria. This type of interview also ensures objectivity, structure and consistency.

For example, to assess your judgement and confidence, we might ask you to tell us about a time when you’ve backed your own judgement, despite opposition from your peers. Or to get an idea of your teamwork skills, we could ask you to describe how you’ve made a contribution to a team you’ve worked in recently.

Criterion-based interview