Standard Life Investments

Investment approach

Our experience in operating across many different investment cycles and markets provides us with the context to manage change. Throughout these cycles, we have the people, philosophy and proficiency of process to plot what we believe is the right course for our clients’ assets.

Shared investment knowledge

We believe in a collaborative approach to business, where knowledge and expertise are shared openly. When we work together, we work more effectively and powerfully for our clients' benefit.

Our team-based approach encourages us to share ideas across asset classes, business areas and worldwide locations. We do this on a daily basis through intensive cross-team communication and webcasts with our global offices.

Consistently forward thinking

We use our insight, intellect and Focus on Change philosophy to spot investment opportunities ahead of the competition. We anticipate triggers for markets or share prices to move. When these come to fruition, prices move to reward our clients.

Analytical rigour

We are committed to meticulous research and strong relationships with company management to obtain superior information on those stocks in which we invest. Thorough analysis and incisive action is at the heart of our investment process, which aims to deliver positive outcomes for all our clients.