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What is your current level of funds under management?

We manage assets of approximately £277.9 billion* on behalf of over five million customers.
By region: 31/12/2016
By asset class: 31/12/2016
Totals 277.9   277.9
UK 175.6 Fixed Interest 68.3
Europe 31.4 Equities 54.7
North America 12.7 Multi-Asset 63.8
India 10.6 Other 27.7
Asia Pacific 3.8 Property 14.7
    Private Equity 4.9
Ignis Asset Management 43.8 Ignis Asset Management 43.8


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Where are you based and what services do you offer?

Our UK operation, based in Edinburgh, offers a comprehensive range of investment vehicles across a full spectrum of asset classes including global equities, bonds, property and private equity.
Find out more on our UK services

In Asia, we offer balanced and specialist segregated fund mandates to Asian-based institutional clients. We also manage a range of SICAVs from our Hong Kong office, which are available to investors worldwide.
View our Hong Kong website

Our North American team is a key part of our global investment platform. Based in Boston, the team gives us a crucial presence on the ground.
View our North America website

In Ireland, pension scheme trustees can take advantage of our specialist fund management services, including pooled and segregated pension funds.
Go to our Irish website

In Europe, we offer a range of investment services including private equity products. We also manage segregated mandates and SICAV funds.
Get more details on our European operations

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How many people does Standard Life Investments employ?

We employ more than 1,700 people across our global office network.

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What's your relationship with Standard Life?

Standard Life Investments was launched as an investment management company in 1998. It’s a wholly owned subsidiary of Standard Life Investments (Holdings) Limited, which in turn is a wholly owned subsidiary of Standard Life plc.

As well as managing funds on behalf of Standard Life, we manage in excess of £143.9, €168.6 and $177.7 billion respectively* of assets for third-party clients.

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What's your corporate governance policy?

Achieving growth in the value of our investments requires effective company management and effective accountability. Strong corporate governance produces companies that are transparent and accountable and that are likely to attract and use capital efficiently. We maintain an 'open door' policy to facilitate constructive dialogue with companies on corporate governance issues. We meet companies regularly to discuss corporate performance, strategy and a wide range of corporate governance issues and, as a matter of policy, we vote at all shareholder meetings in the UK and Ireland.

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Are you a socially responsible investor?

Yes. We use our influence to encourage best practice in environmental and social management within companies with a view to protecting and enhancing the value of our clients' investments. We believe that it’s in the best long-term interests of a company and its shareholders to behave responsibly to its employees, suppliers, customers and the environment. For this reason, we consider companies’ policies and practices in environmental and social matters throughout the investment process.

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