Global Investment Group

The Global Investment Group (GIG) is made up of senior investment managers from the strategy and asset class teams, and is responsible for providing overall strategic clarity to the investment process.

After in-depth analysis, the GIG forms a view of where to allocate assets, based on the prevailing market drivers and on forecasts of future economic indicators. The House View is then implemented across global markets, sectors and securities.

Keith Skeoch

Keith Skeoch

Chief Executive Officer, Standard Life plc

37 years' investment experience

18 years with Standard Life

Overall responsibility for all company business and investment operations

Previously Chief Economist at HSBC Securities

Andrew Milligan OBE

Andrew Milligan OBE

Head of Global Strategy

30 years' investment experience

16 years with Standard Life

Responsible for our global economic and market analysis

Responsible for our House View

Guy Stern

Guy Stern

Head of Multi-Asset & Macro Investing

34 years' investment experience

Joined Standard Life Investments in 2008

Previously CIO, Multi-Asset Class Solutions, Credit Suisse Asset Management (London)

Rod Paris

Rod Paris

Chief Investment Officer

35 years' investment experience

15 years with Standard Life

Previously Head of Global Fixed Income at Merrill Lynch Investment Managers